When planning to visit a beach destination nothing seems better than laying in the sand and soaking up the sun. But the ocean offers options for adventure that all tropical vacationers should take advantage of. Whether its boating off the coast for a fishing trip or riding down to a local farmer’s market, use these tips to have the most exciting vacation.

Rent a Paddle Board or Kayak

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Not only are you getting a better perspective of the water, you get a killer workout. Resorts and public beaches a like have rental areas for water sports and it’s a cheap price for hourly rates. Paddle boarding requires more balance, and can be thrilling on the ocean. Where as kayaking is a little more secure but utilizes upper body strength. Make sure to lather up on the sun screen and bring some water.

Take a Fishing Trip

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Whether it’s finding a pier and throwing out your line or planning a boat trip off the coast, fishing is relaxing and exciting. If you lack fishing experience, find a guide. Deep sea fishing trips are a great way to get into the open sea as well as improve your skills. Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and various types of tuna are the most commonly caught fish while deep sea fishing, and you get to take your catch home for dinner. Don’t worry, the guides will get the fish ready to cook like it was picked up at the grocery store. Pro tip, bring along motion sick medicine as well as warmer clothes, it can get chilly on the open sea.

Find the Local Wildlife

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Turtle habitats, crabbing and tide pools are a family friendly way to get in touch with nature on your beach vacation. Before visiting, research animals that live in the area you plan to visit, as well as check online for turtle migrations and tide changes. It is fun for kids to get flashlights and go searching for crabs at night or spend the day looking in tide pools during low tide.

Rent Jet Skis for the Day

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Jet skis are a great way to get a quick thrill and explore a large area of the ocean. Rentals are available for good prices throughout beach areas. Make sure to take out jet skis on a non-windy day- you don’t want to be blown everywhere!

Swimming with Dolphins

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Get up close and personal with the friendliest animals in the sea. You can opt to swim with dolphins in the ocean or in a pool habitat. It is a thrilling experience; as you can ride the dolphins fin, watch their trained tricks and take awesome pictures. Make sure  to follow dolphin trainer’s instructions and stay calm.


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Ever wanted to feel like your flying? Regardless of what beach you visit parasailing provides sensational views and a birds eye look into the ocean. It may seem daunting to be hundreds of feet behind a boat but it is secure and calm. Groupon and local sites provide great pricing for parasailing and trained teams take you out on a boat. When it’s time, you are strapped in and taken up slowly by the parachute. Once in the air, you feel miles away from the world, there are no sounds and you peer directly into ocean life. Try to find dolphins, sharks and turtles while above. If you want to bring a phone or camera make sure it is securely attached to your person.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

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Getting underwater is the most adventurous way to explore the ocean. Whether it’s grabbing a snorkel and some flippers or full out scuba diving, spend some time in the sea. There are many health benefits to spending time in the ocean: seawater boosts your immune system, aids your sleep habits and skin health. Be aware that scuba diving requires certification so if the activity is a priority make sure to look into preparations.

Find Local Farmers Market and Shops

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You cannot explore a new place with out getting in touch with local products. Farmer’s markets sell fresh produce and have local vendors that offer merchandise relevant to the area. This is a great way to get your taste buds out of their comfort zone or purchase gifts for your trip. Some markets run daily or specifically on the weekend, check a search engine for dates and locations.

Looking for beach side events? Check out our opportunities. Have you loved an adventure on a past trip? Create a listing on Gone Beachin’ Search.


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