There is nothing better than laying on your back watching the stars and hearing the waves lap against the sand. Beach camping has become a phenomenon, in the winter months especially but is encouraged all year long as a way to save money as well as become one with nature. Whether its tent camping or taking an RV, plan a beach trip where you spend your days and nights in the sand- and use these tips to make it the best trip of your life.

Make Reservations


In the southern part of the U.S. beach camping is most popular from October to February and in the northern U.S. the summer months are still the prime time. All state and national parks require camping reservations, usually for a small fee. Also, you can pick the specific area within the park you would like to stay. Research the popular nature sites as well as the cozy private areas, so you can pick a spot that is perfect for your vacation. Find the parks website and register there.

Test your camping gear before you leave

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Make sure the stove and cooking utensils are working well,  and that there are no holes in the tent. You want ensure that the essentials are working properly so you can have a successful trip. It is also important to check flashlights, sunscreens and bug sprays to make sure everything works and is not expired. Beach camper pro-tip: bring a dust pan and brush to get sand out of the tent.

Don’t forget about the tide

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Weather apps can inform you on high and low tide times so your stuff does not get carried away by the ocean. It is important to stay far enough away so your belongings don’t get wet when the water rises. It is advised to go 20 feet farther up than the tide is supposed to rise. Beach camper pro-tip: Always pitch your tent on flat ground.

Bring simple foods and plenty of water

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Camping is a way to brave the elements and getaway from the conveniences of life. BRing easy foods to cook, like burgers with canned sides. For breakfast coffee to-go packets make it easy, eggs and fruit are a great option for a simple breakfast. Also, make sure to stock up on granola bars. Most importantly, bring a plethora of clean drinking water so you and your group can stay hydrated. Beach camper pro-tip: bring a food bag and make sure to tie it up safely so animals cannot reach out.


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Plan your relaxation time as well as activities to participate in throughout the day. Fishing poles, volleyballs and frisbees are great items to bring for an exciting camping day on the beach. Cards and games are a fun way to spend the evening with friends and family. For personal leisure, bring along books to dive into.



When beach camping remember these tips to start the perfect fire:

-Make sure you can make a fire in the area you are visiting, check online before.

-Dig a hole in sand to keep the fire alive and away from the wind.

-Find logs and driftwood to make seat around the fire. Plan out if you need to gather wood or by already prepared firewood.

-Plan to camp where there is a pre-made fire ring.

Make a road trip out of it


The best part about camping is doing away with the cost of accommodations. It makes it a great opportunity to pick an area to travel among various beaches and explore multiple cities. Camping offers an adventure that renting a home or condo does not, you get to fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean and be out in nature. You get to create and build your own vacation, make it an opportunity to road trip around a beautiful area.

Best camping beaches

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Check out these known beaching campsites for travel inspiration:

  • South Florida and the Keys has undeveloped islands and beautiful clear waters with white sand.
  • Tamales Bay, California is hidden away, visitors must take a boat to reach the area. With picturesque mountains in the back and perfect waves this CA gem makes for a perfect camping getaway.
  • Assateague Island National Seashore ,the camping is strenuous but the beach conditions are perfect and boast wild horses in this Virginia national park.
  • Acadia National Park, Maine’s best beach camping, has tons of wildlife and beautiful cliff views of the ocean.
  • Bullard’s Beach in Bandon, Oregon has dunes and hills that block any beach winds and beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

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