When planning a trip to Italy many people’s thoughts go to pasta, beautiful churches and the famous cities of Rome and Venice. Along with its beautiful history, Italy offers incredible beaches. As the boot-shaped country protrudes into the sea it offers miles of coastline with various characteristics and views. As there is so much coastline, many beaches are secluded and untouched, leaving the perfect private destination for visitors. Check out the best-kept beach secrets that Italy has to offer.

Cala Luna, Sardinia

Cala Luna is the perfect paradise. The area’s limestone cliffs offer great views. It is a 4 km hike to this private beach, visitors can also rent a boat or ride a ferry to get there quickly.  The beach is secluded and kept pristine for visitors due to its distance from the mainland. This area is popular for recreational fishing and offers some of the best snorkeling in the country due to the crystal clear waters.

Isola del Giglio, Tuscany

Surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea off the coast of Tuscany, Isola di Giglio is the perfect getaway in the central region of Italy. Waters are pristine and the island is so quiet that cars are limited and not allowed by tourists. The area offers coves to explore by foot or boat. The best way to get to the island is by ferry. Make sure to visit the Giglio Castle, a remnant of the medieval days; the castle towers over the city and offers a scenic overlook. Also, try the Ansonaco wine- a tasty, local product.

Baia Dei Turchi, Puglia

Hidden in the natural reserve of Puglia, “the land of the Turks” beach is hidden by cliffs. It receives its name from the legend that the Turks ruled the area in the 15th century. The beach is a part of the Oasis of Alimini Lakes, a series of clear bodies of water that stretch for miles along the cliffs. The best way to visit Baia Dei Turchi is to plan a camping trip, the area is so secluded it only offers campsites for visitors.

Riserva Vendicara, Sicily

The island of Sicily holds vast amounts of history and some of the most magnificent beaches in Italy. The Vendicara Reserve has historic remains dating from the 1500s to the time of the Greeks. From ancient buildings that still are in tact to underground artifacts, this beach is a history buffs dream. Along with the massive amounts of artifacts the beaches are pristine and perfect for a private getaway. The bay inlets are home to hundreds of beautiful pink flamingoes as well.

Capo Vaticano, Calabria

Near the historic town of Tropea and adjacent to the Aeolian Islands, Capo Vaticano has a stunning array of beaches. Some of the beaches are secluded and can only be reached by boat while others are placed sporadically throughout the cliff side. Tropea’s town specialty is the sweet red onion and their cuisine reflects their product. It is a great place to stop for an authentic meal.

Punta Aderci, Abruzzo

Punta Aderci is completely unspoiled, the land is protected by the Italians parks department and is as natural an area as you can find. Within the city of Vasto, Italy the area is perfect for swimming and offers great fishing. The seafood at local restaurants is renowned and it is a widely known joke that locals say not to come to Vasto without a love for fish. The city has small hotels and gives an old-time Italian vibe with a perfect beach experience.

La Secca di Maratea, Basilicata

An outdoor enthusiast’s dream beach; this area does not have the historic prestige that usually inhabits Italy’s cities but it is the perfect place to relax, as well as get active. The mountainous area of the coast offers black sand and pebble beaches left from the volcanoes that once existed. The many coves are a perfect place to swim. The cuisine of the area is simple but delicious, the local cheeses are a delicacy. Spend a day at the beach and grab dinner in the main square of Basilicata.

Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante, Liguria

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The Bay of Silence is a romantic getaway with a picturesque view. Surrounded by the Cilento National Park, the area offers white water rafting, hiking and nature biking. The Resort Baia Del Silenzio is a great option for an overnight trip, the resort also offers a great restaurant if you are just there for the day.

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