Preparing for a vacation can be daunting, the goal is to arrive at your destination with everything planned out and nothing left behind. As you await the warm sand and ocean breeze take these tips to ensure a practical and perfect getaway.

What do you really need?

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I cannot recall a beach vacation that wasn’t spent mostly in a bathing suit and flip flops. Take a minimalist’s approach to the items you put in your suitcase when packing clothing, accessories and toiletries.

Many people like to plan for the what if’s, “what if a cold front comes in?” or “What if I need a fancy outfit?” Most likely, these items packed for a what if scenario go unworn. You don’t want to be the person having to rearrange a suitcase in the airport check-in line or lugging a heavy bag from the car to your accommodation. Use these tips to pack most effectively for your vacation:

  • Bring light items that accompany a bathing suit and can be worn in various situations. i.e. Cover ups, light dresses, tanks and breezy shorts.
  • Plan to pack in a smaller bag. The less room you have the more you will be able to visualize what you actually need and want to wear.
  • Bring smart shoes and functional accessories. These bulky items can take up more room than necessary. Bring along the items that go with multiple outfits and occasions.
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Beach vacations should be the most low-maintenance, carefree time of the year. Understand that less is more, and once the sun gives you a glow and you’re laying in the sand the items in your suitcase will be the last thing on your mind.

Schedule your days for a relaxing vacation

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Planning in advance plays a huge part in the experience of your trip as well as the dent your vacation takes on your finances. Searching the web and doing research will give you the opportunity to choose how much you spend as well as prioritize the activities you want to participate in. You want to arrive at your destination with the days mapped out so you can relax as much as possible. Here are some tips on how to plan out your itinerary:

  • Check the weather prior to your trip

You do not want to plan an outdoor excursion on the day it is supposed to rain or plan your all day beach session for an overcast day. Plan your trip activities around the potential weather. Also,be sure to check cancellation and change policies for planned events.

  • Research local activities and plan accordingly

Beach destinations offer a plethora of activities, it may even seem overwhelming. After you have settled on a destination, research the most reccomended excursions and choose based on your personal preferences. Gone Beachin’s blog offers excursion ideas as well as how to’s for various destinations. Search through groupon and blog pages for discount codes and options, as well as check-out Gone Beachin’s deals page.

  • Plan for empty days

As much fun as excursions and events are, plan down time throughout your trip. This gives you a chance to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the beach.

Do it for the gram

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Want to remember your epic beach vacation? Plan to take a plethora of pictures. To ensure an aesthetic array of photos as well as a full Facebook and Instagram account follow these tips:

  • Plan your photo ops. Instagram has features that allow you to see locations and hashtags of photos taken in your vacation’s area. Bookmark photos and places that you like so you can re-create the picture. Also, check out Gone Beachin’s other blog posts for recommendations on various locations.
  • Bring fun items. Interesting float devices and pretty beach blankets will spice up your Instagram and add some fun to your vacation.

From flamingos to unicorns Amazon and other on-line sites offer the perfect floats. Or spread out on a pineapple or donut beach blanket. Cute beach items create a fun environment and allow you to have something to remember your vacation by.

  • Bring the music with you. Plan to bring a speaker on your vacation, there are waterproof options that will be safe at the beach. Music boosts the mood whether you are hanging out in the room or dancing around the beach. Spotify and Apple Music offer curated beach playlists or put a list of songs together with your group.
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Take a personal moment

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Sightseeing and adventures are important when on vacation, but it is valuable to take advantage of the escape time to relax from your day-to-day life.

Bring personal entertainment; pleasure reading, podcasts or coloring books are a relaxing way to learn. Vacation is also a great time to take up a meditation practice of sorts, from sitting still and listening to the waves to writing in a journal, let it be a time to clear your mind.

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What are your tried and true tips on preparing for the most relaxing vacation? Let us know your favorite beach destinations at Gone Beachin‘.


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